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Tracy's anxious to get herself moved to another cell before Gail learns of her treachery. Tina's disturbed to receive a summons to testify against Gail at the trial. She tells Graeme she cannot stand up in court. DS Carr and DC Glynn search the cottage at the Lakes and discover a rolling pin hidden behind a wardrobe. Graeme tells David that Tina won't testify. Nick's pleased as he feels it will strengthen Gail's case. Lewis calls in at the salon and suggests a drink after work to Audrey. He invites Ken and Deirdre to join them. The leak in the factory roof causes concern among the workers. Steve, Becky and Amy visit Tracy. Steve puts a stop to Becky and Tracy's sniping. Hayley's salsa teacher Bella delivers the dress she ordered. Roy's sparing with his compliments and upset Hayley asks Bella to take it back. Steve tells Tracy how great Becky's been with Amy. He begs her to give them a positive reference. Tracy thaws slightly. Kirk goes for a job interview at the factory. Carla's distracted and barely acknowledges his presence. Gail's surprised when her solicitor visits. She's dumbfounded to learn about Tracy's accusation and the police's discovery of the rolling pin. Kirk tells Izzy that he failed the interview as Carla said he was unsuitable. Gail returns to her cell to find Tracy has gone. Graeme's stunned when Rosie agrees to have a drink with him. Gail phones home and tells her sons about Tracy's actions. David's outraged and storms over the road to confront the Barlows.


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