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Tracy rows with Steve about changing Amy's name. Amy gets upset and Becky comforts her. Tracy screams at them that they will not take Amy away from her. Tracy's bundled into the van and returned to prison. Social worker Hilary proves hard work but Eddie and Anna begin to win her over. Emotional Deirdre drops flowers onto Blanche's coffin as the burial takes place. Becky fears that a negative testimonial from Tracy will thwart the adoption application. Steve tries to placate her. Dev and Sunita arrive back at the corner shop to find Sophie and Sian revising. Sunita gently reminds Sophie that she's supposed to be working for them. Blanche's wake takes place in the Rovers. Members of the One o'clock Club swarm around the buffet. Deirdre informs Ken that she has spoken to Tracy and is going to the prison tomorrow for a meeting with a solicitor. Deirdre has a sense of foreboding. Roy offers to assist Becky with the various adoption application forms. Mary turns up at the wake and Norris makes a hasty exit. Eddie and Anna tell Steve that their meeting with Hilary seemed to go very well. Rita tries to mend relations between Norris and Mary but Norris won't co-operate. After a stressful day, Peter tells Leanne he wants them to be married as soon as possible. Ken makes a heartfelt speech about Blanche in the Rovers. The mourners raise a glass to her. Back in her cell, Tracy assures her cellmate that she will be out of prison very soon. On her way to bed, Deirdre places fresh flowers on Blanche's bedside table.


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