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Becky nervously makes preparations for the social worker's visit. She borrows some frumpy clothes from Claire in an attempt to look more motherly. Deirdre reads Blanche's letter to Ken, Peter and Leanne. In it, Blanche sets out her funeral instructions giving everyone cause for amusement. Norris panics when Mary turns up at The Kabin. Norris makes a quick exit leaving Mary to give Rita and Emily her version of events. Rita tells Mary how Norris reckons that she murdered her mother. Mary assures her that her mother is alive and well. Steve and Becky's talk of babies upsets Sean, reminding him of his own son Dylan. Social worker Dawn Coghill arrives but things get off to a bad start when Amy bursts into tears having just been told of Nana Blanche's death. Becky tells Dawn how she's had two miscarriages and can't have children. Kirk plucks up the courage and texts Izzy. Mary tries to build bridges with Norris and apologises to him for lying about her mother's death, but Norris is adamant he never wants to see her again. When Dawn starts to ask tricky questions about their criminal pasts, Becky loses her rag and throws her out.


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