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When Nick discovers Graeme's spent the night in Gail's bed he's furious and threatens to throw him out of No.8, but David tells him if Graeme's got to leave then so has Natasha. Norris tells Rita how Mary held him hostage. Rita's disbelieving. Steve offers one of the World Cup tickets to Peter. They agree to keep it quiet from their wives and girlfriends. Ken and Deirdre arrive back from Portugal with Blanche's body. They tell Peter how they met Blanche's boyfriend Arnold and how happy she was before she died. Claire pretends to be a social worker and conducts a mock interview with Becky, but Becky gets annoyed at Claire's line of questioning. Ken discovers a letter in Blanche's room marked "To be opened after my death". He gives it to Deirdre but she rails at him for going through Blanche's personal effects before she's even buried. Steve tells Trevor that he'll buy the World Cup tickets off him. Janice wants to know what they're plotting but the lads remain tight-lipped. Emily tells Norris the police phoned and they've released Mary and apparently Mary's mother is alive and well. Norris goes into a panic. Deirdre breaks down in tears over Blanche's death. Ken feels desperately sorry for her and wishes she'd let him help.


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