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Norris is woken by the sound of Mary manically chopping wood with an axe. Gary breaks down and admits to Anna he absconded from the army because he's scared of being hurt or worse, being killed. He tells Anna he's a coward. Anna does her best to comfort him. Whilst Mary's in the bath, Norris escapes from the cottage. He tries to call Rita from a phone box but as he does he sees Mary's motorhome approaching. Norris sets off across the moors but he sprains his ankle and Mary catches up with him. Gary comes to a decision. He tells Eddie and Anna he's going back to the army. However when Gary's warrant officer calls at No.6, Gary's furious realising that Eddie grassed him up. David asks Graeme to move into No.8 telling him that he can have Sarah's old room. Graeme's delighted whilst Nick's unimpressed at the prospect. Eddie apologises to Gary for going behind his back. They make up. Anna bids a tearful farewell to Gary who returns to the army with his officer. Graeme fixes Tina's door for her. She agrees he can have a key to the flat so that he can keep an eye on her and make sure she's eating. Mary fantasises about being married to Norris. Norris is scared witless.


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  • This additional Sunday episode was transmitted at 8.00pm.
  • Nick Wilkinson was credited as a Stunt Double on this episode.
  • A sign directing Norris Cole to Haworth points in the opposite direction of the cottage and misspells the Yorkshire village's name as Howarth. After transmission, ITV apologised for the error [1].
  • TV Times synopsis: Norris is injured while trying to escape Mary as she pursues him in the camper van; Gary prepares to face his fears and return to the Army; and David has had enough of Natasha.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,000,000 viewers (12th place).
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