Kevin retracts his threat to dissolve the partnership but Tyrone remains hurt and angry. Fiz and John bribe Chesney with £20 to go out for the evening. Chesney's bemused but complies thinking they've had another row. Natasha cuts Nick's hair and suggests they go for a drink sometime. Brian, John's teaching colleague, calls round. He stays all evening and Fiz and John are on pins trying to keep up the "Colin Fishwick" pretence. Tyrone proudly tells his mates he's going to be a dad. Natasha and Rosie trick Graeme into meeting them in the Rovers. They accuse him of trying to two-time them and Rosie pours a pint over Graeme's head. Kevin begs Molly to have an abortion but she refuses point-blank. Julie calls to see Fiz but Fiz refuses to let her in. Julie wonders what's going on. Eddie tries to sell some cheap cigarettes which Len has supplied from Spain. Izzy turns up for her date with Kirk. She's unimpressed to find Kirk used Jason's photo to lure her over. She leaves in a strop and runs Gary over with her wheelchair. Izzy apologises, Gary accepts and there's an instant spark between them. Tyrone tells Kevin he'll never trust him again.


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