Fiz and John argue over the job application. Fiz tries to make him see how he could end up back in prison. John relents and agrees to scrap his application. Becky, Steve, Anna and Eddie sit through the adoption meeting. Becky's annoyed when Anna makes a dig at the fact they live in a pub. Kevin's cross to discover that Sophie's gone missing. Refusing to give up, John tells Fiz how nothing can go wrong with his fraudulent application he's even worked out how to set up a bank account in a false name. Chesney senses the tension between John and Fiz but they refuse to tell him what's going on. Sophie arrives at Sian's mum's house in Southport. Sian's upset with Sophie for trying to kiss her. Sophie points out that Sian didn't object at the time but Sian calls her a lesbian and says they can no longer be friends as she doesn't have those feelings. Sophie leaves upset. Graeme tries to chat up Natasha in the pub but Natasha makes it clear she's not interested and talks to Ashley instead. Sophie arrives home very distressed. Kevin shouts at her for disobeying him but Rosie feels sorry for her sister and assumes it's boyfriend trouble. Fiz relents and tells John that if it'll make him happy then he should go ahead with his crazy plan and apply for the teaching job. John's thrilled.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Fiz is horrified to discover John's deceit, but thaws as the conversation with Ken shows her how much teaching means to her husband; and Sophie is left heartbroken by Sian's reaction to her arrival.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,620,000 viewers (3rd place).
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