Leanne's suspicions grow as Peter makes himself scarce for the day to organise Ken and Deirdre's party. Audrey visits Gail and they make up. Audrey fills Gail in on her row with Rita and her feelings for Lewis. Gail is grateful to hear about the real world for a change. Ryan beseeches Sophie not to tell Sian about the kiss. Sophie's non-committal. Janice finds Peter in the Rovers and notifies Leanne. Leanne spies him chatting to Michelle and questions him but he dashes off to buy decorations for the party. Sophie's dilemma is preying on her mind and she breaks down in tears in front of Emily. Emily comforts her and advises her that sometimes it is necessary to tell a lie for the greater good. Lewis and Rita agree not to go out again. Audrey's delighted when Lewis tells her he will not be seeing Rita anymore and invites her out for the afternoon. Janice arrives home with a fish supper ready for a night in with Trevor, unaware that he has gone on a date with Carla in town. Ryan apologises to Sian. Sophie spots them kissing. Angry Leanne knocks back the booze at the party. She's annoyed when Peter arrives late with Michelle in tow and confronts them. He explains they have been buying a ring as he had been planning to propose during the festivities but if she cannot trust him, he's changed his mind. Leanne's mortified as Peter leaves the pub.


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