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Tyrone and Molly happily plan for the forthcoming baby. Jason and Tina move back into No.12. Julie approaches Eileen on Jesse's behalf but Eileen refuses to hear her out. Audrey's day brightens when Lewis pops into the salon. He listens to her woes and Audrey's grateful for his sympathy and kindness. Gail's horrified when her solicitor tells her that her appeal has been turned down and she must spend the next four months in prison awaiting trial. Julie tells Jesse that Eileen's adamant it's over between them. Norris spots Audrey showing Lewis out of the salon. Quick as a flash, he captures their farewell kiss on his camera phone. He's pleased to have evidence of their affair. Gail calls David to tell him that she won't be released. David's inconsolable. Nick admits to David that he has avoided facing the situation for fear of being unable to cope. Kevin apologises to Sophie for messing up her plans last night. She's fuming but grudgingly forgives him. Rosie sets out for a date with a footballer. Jesse spends the afternoon drinking in the Rovers. When Julie arrives, he makes a pass at her but she makes it clear that she's not interested. David asks Graeme to accompany him to the Lakes intending to speak to the couple who witnessed Joe and Gail's final row. Graeme thinks it's a bad idea but David is undeterred.


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