At the end of the working day, Sheila calls into Swindley's Draperies to speak with Doreen who reveals that Emily is deeply in love with Swindley. Emily has to leave a stock-take to go on a mysterious errand. Elsie is warmly welcomed into No.9 by Linda, having reconciled with her mother after she stopped Paul's convulsions the day before. Elsie presents her with an expensive crocheted shawl for the christening. Linda gives Elsie a second-hard corset to pass on to anyone who needs it. Elsie thinks it will do for her, much to her daughter's amusement. Linda bets her five shillings she won't fit into it. Doreen and Sheila are in Mario's before going to the cinema when Emily enters with her bombastic, ex-military father. He completely dominates his daughter. Lucille calls to see Paul and tells Linda and Ivan that Harry and Concepta are sorting out their honeymoon. Lucille is under the mistaken belief she is going with them. Mr Nugent bullies his daughter over the cafe table, annoyed that she's not yet married as her sisters are. When he tells her that he's going to find her a husband himself, she tells him there's no need as she's going out with Swindley. He's very pleased at the news. Ken brings Val home after a night out. They met a mutual friend at a concert who tried to stir things up by talking about Marian Lund, much to Ken's embarrassment. He puts off going to another concert next week as he has his second interview in Surrey. Much to Dennis's amusement, Elsie just about manages to get into the corset. The next morning, Emily is in a highly nervous state. While she and Doreen are in the shop's back room, Swindley is surprised by a visit from Mr Nugent, who sternly demands a private talk with the puzzled man.


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  • TV Times: Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad. But whatever their mood, the people of Coronation Street are Britain's next door neighbours (This generic synopsis did not appear in all regional editions)
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,520,000 homes (7th place).

Notable dialogue

Doreen Lostock: "I think there's some stock lost."
Leonard Swindley: "Some stock lost, Miss Lostock?

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