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Peter tells Leanne he's checked himself out of rehab and claims he's back in control. Leanne's dubious. Steve searches high and low for Becky but she's nowhere to be found. Dev tells Lloyd that he saw Ciaran deep in conversation with Sunita. Lloyd tells him that he doesn't deserve a girl like Sunita and to pull himself together. Dev's chastened. Peter's angry to learn that Simon's in Spain and Leanne didn't tell him. Furious at Peter's attitude, Leanne flounces out of the flat, wearing only her dressing gown. Dev bumps into Sunita leaving the Rovers. She's amused that he was jealous of her talking to Ciaran and they go back into the pub for a drink. Leanne calls into the Rovers and borrows a coat from Liz. The police remove all of Joe's belongings and the laptop from No.8. Sunita agrees to start afresh when Dev promises to take things slowly. Back from the Lakes, Tina spots the police removing Joe's belongings. She's incensed when DS Carr tells her that Gail's admitted to sending the birthday text. Peter and Leanne call a truce. Steve finds a drunken Becky being thrown out of a pub and drags her home. Tina shouts at Gail and David for sending the text. She claims it stopped her reporting Joe missing when he might still have been alive. David defends their actions but Gail concedes she as good as killed Joe. Becky tries to avoid talking about the baby to Steve. She's adamant she can never be a mother, she's not worthy. Steve comforts her.


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