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Gail decides to admit the truth to the police. David is against the idea and urges her to stick to her original statement. Dev takes Grishma and Upma out shopping to give Sunita some peace. Liz is fed up with Becky skiving off work just because she's pregnant. Tina tries to make sense of Joe's demise. She tells the police that Joe sent her a text on her birthday. She's stunned when they reveal he'd been dead for a week by then. George suggests to Leanne that Simon could go to Spain for a weekend with him and Eve. Leanne agrees to think about it. Jackie suspects Molly of cheating on Tyrone. She confronts her in the corner shop but Molly throws her out and they row in the street. Tyrone's furious with his mother. Gail tells the police about Joe's plan to fake his own death. Audrey's astonished. Gail insists she rejected the plan outright. The police tell her that Joe's body had some unexplained injuries. Sunita tells Claire about her plot to fool her aunts. Claire thinks that Sunita enjoys having Dev back in her life. Jackie returns to the shop and threatens Molly, telling her to keep away from Tyrone. Dev sticks up for Sunita against her aunts' incessant grumbling. Sunita's grateful. Tina's suspicious, wondering who sent her birthday text. She's startled to see the police towing away Joe's boat. Gail is upset to realise that the police don't think Joe's death was an accident.


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