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The police question Gail and Tina about the loan shark. Tina covers for Joe saying he's working in the Lakes. Eileen's furious and tells Jesse either he takes her to Egypt or they're finished. Lewis fancies a bit of fun. He persuades Audrey that they should go the Rovers and pretend they've never met before. Gary's friend Quinny tries to chat up Rosie. Tina tells Jason about Joe's crazy plan to fake his own death. Liz and Deirdre admire Lewis across the bar. They're mightily put out when he makes a beeline for Audrey and proceeds to chat her up. Jesse moves out of No.11. Sean takes Eileen out to drown her sorrows. Worried Tina tells Gail that Joe's got until Monday to show up or she's telling the police everything.Norris clocks Lewis in the Rovers but can't remember where he's seen him before. Tina leaves a message on Joe's phone begging him to let her know he's safe. Joe's body is hauled out of the lake and zipped into a body bag.


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