Nick reckons that Joe's the cause of Gail's bruises. Gail denies it. Dev and Sunita continue to play happy families in front of Upma and Grishma. Jesse makes it clear to Eileen that he thinks the house will be too crowded if Jason and Tina move in. Eileen tells him to get used to the idea. Nick tells David that Jason and Tina have got engaged. David's gutted. Upma and Grishma want to know when Dev and Sunita are going to have more children. Dev secretly loves the idea. David finds Gail phoning round the ferry ports. He tells her to phone the police but Gail refuses saying she'll always stand by Joe. David tells her that she's a fool. Rick hassles Tina demanding to know where Joe is. Nick quizzes Tina and finds out that Rick's a loan shark and Joe's in a lot of debt. Steve waits on Becky hand and foot. Liz thinks he's a mug. Leanne warns Carla off Nick explaining they were once married. Carla's intrigued. Dev suggests to Sunita that they should think about having more children but Sunita's quick to slap him down. Dev realises he's overstepped the mark. Nick and Audrey interrogate Gail demanding to know what's going on. Gail can't take any more and insists they leave. Nick's hurt and tells her that he's going back to Nottingham. Gail sits forlornly hoping against hope that Joe will call.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Nick and Audrey interrogate Gail, who rejects David's pleas to do the right thing; and Dev gets carried away with his pretend marriage.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 11,840,000 viewers (2nd place).
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