Peter's determined to turn over a new leaf. Leanne wants to believe him. David and Gail pack up the car ready to leave the Lakes. Peter calls round to George and Eve's house hoping to see Simon and take him to school but George doesn't trust him and ushers Simon into his own car. Sunita's aged aunts Grishma and Upma arrive early. Sunita panics and has no choice but to pretend she and Dev are still married. Dev enjoys the ruse. Audrey's annoyed that David hasn't turned up for work. David makes Gail see that if she's not going to report Joe to the police then she'd better get her story straight. A police officer turns up at the cottage inquiring about the stolen motorboat. Gail and David feign innocence. The officer tells David how to fix the tow-bar. Dev offers to run Grishma and Upma back to their hotel but they explain they haven't booked a hotel as they were hoping to stay with Sunita and Dev. At Ken's suggestion, Leanne persuades Peter to go with her to No.1 for a cup of tea on the promise that Simon will be there. David hands Gail an envelope addressed to her in Joe's handwriting which he found in the cottage. Gail pockets it saying she'll open it later. Peter arrives at No.1 to find George, Ken and Deirdre there but no Simon. He's furious thinking he's been duped.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Peter's repeated attempts to see Simon prompt his family to plan an intervention to stop his drinking; David forces Gail to get her story straight before they leave the Lakes; and Dev eagerly pretends that he is still married to Sunita.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,640,000 viewers (4th place).
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