Sally and Kevin feel guilty for venting their anger on Rosie. Tina thanks David for not telling Jason about her flirting with Nick. Molly cooks Tyrone an anniversary meal. Afterwards they watch their wedding video. Molly's secretly guilt-ridden and promises Tyrone she'll be a better wife. Graeme finds Rosie crying by the bus stop. He cries with her telling her he can feel her pain. Rosie thinks he's bonkers. Norris scuppers Mary's plans for dinner in the motorhome and arranges to meet her in the Rovers instead. Mary's disappointed. Rosie and Sophie discuss Sally and Kevin's recent behaviour and reckon they're hiding something. Sophie's worried they might be splitting up. Sunita's panicking about the kids' birthday party when Jesse offers his services. Gail and Joe arrive back from their honeymoon. Joe secretly looks up life insurance policies on the internet. Mary tells Norris about her travels and her Spanish lover. She quizzes Norris about Freda but he assures her their relationship is purely platonic. Mary's pleased. David spots Graeme talking to the poster of Rosie. He tells Graeme he's got no chance but Graeme refuses to be put off. Rosie and Sophie confront Kevin and Sally demanding to know what's going on. Sally breaks the news to them that she's got breast cancer.


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Norris Cole: "Look, look there... now what do you see?"
Emily Bishop: "Mary's motorhome."
Norris Cole: "I see a Venus Flytrap, and I've already flown far too close for comfort."
Emily Bishop: "You're comparing yourself to an annoying little bluebottle... well I see the analogy!"

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