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It's Tyrone and Molly's wedding anniversary. Molly hands Tyrone a certificate promising that she intends to be a good and loving wife all year. Tyrone's bemused. Joe and Gail are enjoying their honeymoon in the Lakes. Gail tells Joe she couldn't live without him. Freda returns to Bradford. Emily and Norris see her off. Janice and Kelly are annoyed when Carla grants Sally some time off. Nick leaves for Nottingham. Both David and Tina are relieved to see him go. Mary arrives in The Kabin waving her camera complete with holiday snaps. She insists Norris joins her for dinner in the motorhome. Norris feels he has little choice but to accept. Sunita's cross when her kids' birthday party is double-booked. Dev's sympathetic. Rosie's mortified when Graeme points out the advertising hoarding in the bus stop - it's a picture of a scantily-clad Rosie with a man's hands around her breasts. When Kevin and Sally see the poster of Rosie they're appalled. Janice enjoys winding them up about Rosie's private education. George tells Peter that he's fed up with Ken's sniping over the new bar and he's considering pulling out. Peter promises to square things with Ken. Kevin and Sally row with Rosie over her glamour modelling. Rosie shocks them when she announces she's saving up for a boob job. Sally's deeply upset and Kevin shouts at Rosie.


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