Kevin finds out that Tony's hitman Jimmy is the same guy who stole half of his clients and tried to put him out of business. Michelle's suspicions of Carla grow. Norris makes a start on Graeme's window-cleaning round. Graeme, dressed as Buttons, shows him the ropes. Sunita agrees to see Dev. She tells him that she's seriously thinking of stopping his access to the kids but she's prepared to give him one more chance. Norris gets Audrey to give him a haircut in readiness for the council's Christmas lunch. It's Tyrone's birthday but he's disappointed when Molly gives him a set of pyjamas and tells him that she can't get the evening off work. Audrey tells Deirdre she's looking forward to the council lunch as she's got her eye on a widower called Wilf who runs his own wholesale business. Michelle confronts Carla in the factory. Under pressure, Carla lets slip that she knew all along Tony was Liam's murderer. Michelle goes ballistic and follows Carla out on to the street where they fight. The factory girls watch horrified. Sally surprises Kevin with a weekend in Paris but Kevin's furious telling her that she'll have to cancel as they can't afford it. Sally's hurt. Carla's a nervous wreck. She tells Hayley she really values her support, but Hayley makes it clear she's disgusted with her and tells her to visit her husband. Carla stands in the street realising she hasn't a friend in the world.


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