Ken considers putting an article in the Gazette opposing Peter's bar. Deirdre's furious and tells him if he goes ahead he'll be spending Christmas on his own. Graeme winds Norris up pretending the ladder he's using is stolen. Norris reports him to the police but Graeme pulls out the receipt for the ladder and Norris looks a fool. Becky and Claire put up posters advertising the auditions for the panto. John gives Becky a copy of his version of Cinderella. Becky's delighted. Becky, Michelle and Betty argue over who's going to play the leading role. Dev's preoccupied and Bernie guesses that he's dwelling on Sunita's new relationship. Dev pretends he's not bothered when he clearly is. Peter and Bill are discussing building work for the new bar when Ken accosts them in the Street. Ken's furious at Peter for ploughing ahead with the venture. Peter tells Ken he's past caring what he thinks. Norris notices a crack in a window pane at No.3 and assumes that Graeme broke it when he was cleaning the windows. Dev calls to see Sunita again. They are in mid-row when Matt arrives back with the children. Dev leaves feeling dejected. Ken meets up with a reporter from the Gazette and asks him to run a story opposing Peter's proposals for the new bar. Carla goes to visit Tony in prison.


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