Helen and Barry arrive on the Street. George and Eve leave the Barlows' tea party. George is short with Leanne and Peter after learning about their dodgy pasts from Blanche. Joe admits to Gail about his massive debts, but keeps quiet about the debt collector. Gail walks out in a state of shock. Steve learns that his guest membership at the golf club has also expired. Dev's smug. The secretary tells them that there is one full membership place available. They agree to play a deciding round of golf to determine who gets it. Michelle explains to her parents that Liam had an affair with Carla and Tony had him killed out of revenge. Jesse nervously informs Eileen that he always spends his birthday with his parents. Eileen's annoyed but decides to use the limousine and accompany him. Gail returns home after a long walk. She tells Joe she is prepared to sell No.8 to pay off his debts. Joe is hugely grateful. George calls in at the betting shop and apologises to Leanne and Peter for overreacting, presenting them with flowers and gifts. Leanne and Peter are bemused. Helen upsets Maria by accusing her of sleeping with Tony to get revenge on Carla and Liam. Maria's deeply hurt and takes baby Liam out for a walk. David takes a call from the estate agent and is angry to learn that Gail is selling up. Barry and Helen track down Maria to Liam's grave. Helen apologises for her outburst but Maria is distraught, feeling unfit to look after her son. Barry, Helen and Kirk watch as Maria breaks down.


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Notable dialogue

Blanche Hunt (to Eve and George Wilson whilst very drunk):"Good and bad in this room" (pointing at Deirdre) "This one... she were in prison! I nearly died of the shame".
Deirdre Barlow: "Mother! Nobody needs to know that!"
Blanche Hunt (pointing at Ken): "He's had more affairs than Soft Mick!"
Peter Barlow: "I think you've had enough, Blanche."
Blanche Hunt: "Well you certainly have!" (pointing at Peter) "...And this one 'ere, he's an alcoholic you know!"
Leanne Battersby: "I'll just get you a glass, Blanche - with tea in it."
Blanche Hunt: "...And now I'm being told off by the former prostitute! Oh naughty Blanche... Naughty!"

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