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Hayley hasn't slept. She tells Roy she's sorry that she ever doubted him and suggests they go to the police, but Roy reckons the police will never believe them. Sally continues to rant about John Stape. Rosie and Kevin are tired of hearing it. Kevin promises to go and see a solicitor to find out where they stand. Molly's in a bad mood. She snaps at Kirk. Kirk tells Tyrone it's time he found somewhere else to live. Jesse's behaving oddly and Eileen's suspicious. She pays Eddie to watch his movements and report back. Sally tells Tony that Hayley's failed to turn up at work. Tony goes round to the cafe to find out what's going on. John redecorates the outside of No.5. Graeme admires his handiwork. Kevin and Molly arrange to meet up in the motel. Molly lies to Tyrone saying she's meeting an old school friend. Hayley tells Tony that she's not well. Tony makes it clear he knows that she's lying and intimates he'll sort her out as well as Roy if she's not careful. Steve arrives back from his honeymoon. He tells Dev what an amazing time he had. Eddie clocks Julie climbing into Jesse's van. It's obvious she doesn't want to be seen. Roy and Hayley hide in their flat, terrified of what Tony might do to them. Roy concedes they'll have to go to the police.


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