Fiz and John wake up to discover that someone has painted all their windows black. Kevin's furious when he sees Fiz's windows realising that Sally must be the culprit. Rosie finds the whole thing amusing whilst Sophie points out Sally's a criminal. Fiz is spoiling for a fight with Sally but Chesney calms her down. Gary apologises to Ted and asks him what it was like to serve in Malaysia. Ted tells him it was the making of him and turned him into a man. John sets to and scrapes off all the black paint, determined not to let Sally get to him. Jesse and Julie prepare for a children's party when Jesse spots Simon in the audience. Sally proudly admits to Fiz that she's responsible for vandalising her house. Fiz wants to report her to the police but John talks her out of it. Tony reaches a decision, he goes to visit Roy and tells him to forget his wild accusations as it's time they both moved on. However when Roy refuses to let it drop, Tony sees red and threatens to kill him. Roy's shaken. Kevin's fed up with Sally and tells her if she pulls another stunt like the last one he'll call the police himself. Sally's hurt. Peter arrives to collect Simon from the party. Jesse asks Peter and Simon not to mention to Eileen that they've seen Julie. Hayley wonders why Roy's looking so worried. Falteringly, Roy tells Hayley how Tony's threatened to murder him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Roy faces a shocking ultimatum that forces him to reconsider his position about Tony; Sally's campaign against Fiz and John steps up a gear; Jesse and Julie fear their lies will be discovered when Simon attends a children's party; and Gary and Ted discuss Army life.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,770,000 viewers (14th place).
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