Emily receives a letter from man No.2 - Douglas Preston. Lucille despairs as she spends all her time pondering what he's like. Ena believes the sender to be Jack Brown, Ian Sharples's Godfather, and sends for him. Elsie cries off from showing Emmeline Tanner around Lancaster Castle. Steve tries to get to the bottom of her moodiness. Elsie admits that Emmeline makes her feel left out. Steve asks his wife to start trusting him. Val catches Ken's cold. Ena entertains Jack and reminds him that only he and Eli Parker called Ian 'half-pint', and Eli passed away last year. Jack denies being the sender and tells her that Henry Foster also used the nickname, adding that if anyone should be sending her money, Henry should. Emmeline checks on a 'sick' Elsie and finds her preparing to go to the cinema with May Trickett. Hilda takes Stan out to buy wallpaper. Due to his bad track record, Hilda decides to get a decorator in. Elsie admits she lied about being sick as she knows Emmeline doesn't approve of her. She tells Emmeline she's married to Steve whether she likes it or not. Albert puts Stan in touch with a decorator who charges £2.10 a room. Jerry does some detective work and finds Henry Foster's address in St Annes for Ena. Val tells Ken he's in charge if she doesn't get better but he's already agreed to go back to work. Emily makes contact with Douglas. Emmeline tells Steve that Elsie has an inferiority complex and is a disappointment to her. Elsie overhears and tells Steve that perhaps she should leave. Ena goes to St Annes to call on Henry.


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