John's devastated and begs Fiz to reconsider but she's adamant that she can't marry him and risk losing Chesney forever. Michelle arrives at Luke's flat to find him semi-naked. Rosie emerges from the bathroom and pretends she's shocked to see Michelle. Luke, realising he's been duped by Rosie, tries to explain himself. Michelle sees through Rosie's scheming and is promptly sacked by Luke. After some soul-searching, Michelle calls time on their relationship. Chesney realises how much Fiz means to him. He tells Hayley and Roy he's changed his mind and wants to attend Fiz's wedding. Fiz sits outside the prison sobbing in her wedding dress. Dev bribes Darryl with £500 to move to Spain and leave Amber. Darryl initially refuses but Dev persuades him that he'll be doing Amber a favour. Norris interviews a lady called Sheila Wheeler for the job in The Kabin. He offers her the job. Darryl tells Amber he's moving to Spain. Amber's devastated. As Fiz prepares to leave the prison, she's shocked and delighted to see Chesney, Hayley and Roy running towards them. Chesney apologises to Fiz for missing her wedding but she tells him that she couldn't go ahead without him. They embrace.


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