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Fiz is downcast as Anna and Natasha help her prepare for her wedding. Amber tells Dev that she's thinking of jacking in university as she's back with Darryl. Norris makes it clear to Tina that he's now the boss. Tina humours him. Rosie invents a fake meeting and tells Luke he needs to meet his landlord back at the flat at lunchtime. She secretly steals his mobile and texts Michelle. The factory girls spot Fiz in her wedding dress about to leave. They're shocked but Sean, Kelly and Janice wish her well whilst Rosie is vitriolic. Teresa's furious to find out Darryl and Amber are back on. She complains to Dev who promises he has a plan to end their relationship once and for all. Norris interviews Kirk for a job in The Kabin but he's totally clueless. Fiz arrives at the prison for her wedding. She finally admits to John that everyone's against them - including Chesney. John's annoyed that she lied to him but touched, realising how much she must love him. Rosie dupes Luke and Michelle round to his flat. Rosie arrives before Michelle and sets about seducing Luke. The registrar is waiting to marry John and Fiz when she suddenly gets cold feet. Fiz tells John that without Chesney's approval she can't marry him.


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