Rosie is excited about moving in with Luke. Norris sorts through Ramsay's belongings for the charity shop. He donates everything but the photos and letters. He gives Emily a fob watch that Ramsay treasured. She is grateful. Sean notices Fiz's gloomy mood and thinks her friends should be more supportive. Rosie announces to the factory staff that she and Luke are going to live together. They are incredulous. Dev's thrilled when Amber visits as it's Freshers' Week at university. Minnie notes that there is something wrong but Dev's oblivious. Fiz glumly puts the finishing touches to her wedding dress. Kirk announces that he has an interview for a dental hygienist's job. He asks Fiz for advice but Julie steers him away. Luke tells Michelle that he couldn't bring himself to dump Rosie and he doesn't want her to move in. Michelle's sceptical. Gary's annoyed when Anna invites Chesney round for a meal again. Norris stuns Rita by offering to buy her share of The Kabin. Kirk's upset when he fails his job interview. Fiz lays into him, saying she has more important things to think about. Amber admits to Minnie that she's not settling in at university. In the Rovers, Luke finally tells Rosie that he doesn't want her to move in and that they are finished. Rosie leaves, hurt and humiliated.


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