Peter admits to Leanne that he has seen other women in her absence. He promises to be entirely honest with her if she will let him cook for her tonight. She agrees. Sean's full of remorse for admitting a burglar to the house. Eileen's forgiving until she discovers that the insurance company won't pay out as the robber was invited in. Molly fears that Kevin will finish with her after a posh holiday with Sally. He tells her that they have something special and he is not prepared to give her up. Amber begs Darryl to forgive her but he insists their lives are going in different directions and they should end their relationship. Jack tells Molly and Tyrone he will move out on Friday and they can keep his and Vera's belongings. Guilty Molly's tearful when Jack says that she and Tyrone are made for each other. Audrey's sceptical of Gail's claim that Joe is making an effort. Joe informs Gail that Bill has asked him to help repair a kitchen. Blanche babysits Simon while Peter entertains. Leanne compliments him on his improvement as a father. Audrey's grudgingly impressed when Joe gives Gail some of his wages from Bill. Michelle arrives back and Ryan takes her bags into 18a Victoria Street. Peter informs Leanne about the fire at the flat and his two conquests but fails to mention Michelle's name. He tells her how much he loves her and she kisses him.


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Notable dialogue

Leanne Battersby: "Where's Simon?"
Peter Barlow: "Oh, Blanche is teaching him how to give a pedicure... Hey, it's better than sending him up chimneys."

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