Ena rules out a family member leaving the flowers as all of Alfred's family are dead. Remembering that he always imagined men looking at her, she wonders if he might have had another woman and had a guilty conscience. Frank Starkie has to join in with the party. Emily envies Frank and his quiet life in the country. Albert considers Alfred's friends but they've all passed on. The Tanners pay a visit. Elsie is keen to join Emily's party but Steve insists on meeting friends of his. At the party, Irma and Val are fascinated by Frank and his rural roughness. David is put out. Minnie thinks Ena isn't confronting the fact that Alfred was unfaithful. Frank enjoys the party but is afraid of Emily thinking he's a drinker. Emily is equally anxious that Frank will consider her too forward but they clear the air and arrange to meet up again tomorrow. Emily is thrilled when Frank kisses her on the cheek. Dennis is bored on his own and can't cope with the cooking. Val finds herself looking after him. She forces Ken to muck in. Emily has her hair done to go out with Frank. Elsie tells everyone she's enjoying living in Altrincham. Steve is annoyed that she wants to spend so much time back in the Street. Frank takes Emily out to the Rovers as he doesn't get to a pub much at home. Dennis tells Elsie he's doing fine without her. Emily looks forward to visiting Frank's dairy farm. Ena discovers more flowers, with a florist's card.


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