Simon asks Peter if they can hold a funeral for his rabbit. Peter agrees. Becky and Steve prepare to hold a second wedding reception at the Rovers. Darryl's put out when Amber's friend Mitch shares a cab to a party with them. He's even more upset to hear that Mitch is going to the same university as Amber. Sophie suggests Peter holds the rabbit's funeral in the back garden of No.4 so that Simon can visit its grave. Darryl accuses Amber of fancying Mitch. They row and she leaves for the party without him. Peter, Simon, Sophie, Blanche and Ken attend Leanne the rabbit's funeral. Simon makes a speech. Jesse auditions potential assistants. A lady called Halley fails to impress and Eileen sends her packing. Julie volunteers her services to Jesse. Peter decides Simon needs cheering up by taking him on a little trip. Lloyd steps in to help Liz behind the bar when Sean skives off to meet Jason and Leon in town. Hooch drives up outside the Rovers and orders Steve to get into the car. Peter takes Simon to an Italian restaurant in Leeds. A waitress shows them to a table and sends someone to take their order. It's Leanne. Simon's thrilled.


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