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Becky lays into Slug, demanding the truth. He denies planting the drugs. Tyrone is furious that Jack intends to live with Connie. He thinks she's a gold-digger. Jack offers to show him round Connie's house. Blanche offers to babysit Simon during Peter's dinner with Naomi but Peter says he wants Simon to be there. Becky realises Slug's lying when Lloyd tells her that he is still taking drugs. He admits Hooch blackmailed him into setting her up. Tyrone is impressed by the size of Connie's house. Jack assures him that Connie will never replace Vera. Tyrone wishes him well and apologises to Connie. Naomi is irritated by Simon's presence at Peter's flat. Simon tells Peter that Naomi makes him feel in the way. Peter informs her that he has no future with someone who doesn't get on with Simon. Naomi leaves, disgruntled. Joe tells Tina he was sentenced to community service. Sally's alarmed when Kevin says he intends to do more recovery work. Molly lies to Tyrone, saying she wants to start yoga classes at a new gym. Steve persuades Slug to tell Hooch he intends to expose him in court. He confiscates Slug's drugs. They meet Hooch in a deserted spot and Steve confronts him. Hooch is unfazed, declaring that Slug's word as a witness would be worthless. He tells Becky that he'll see her in court.


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