Kevin's surprise dinner party is underway. Claire gets drunk and snipes at Ashley. Sally makes jokes at Kevin's expense until Molly finally snaps and accuses her of being downright nasty. Tyrone makes an excuse and leaves with Molly. Steve searches for Becky. Roy and Hayley leave her a heartfelt phone message. In the Rovers, Peter chats up an attractive woman, Naomi, but is distracted when Janice receives a call from Leanne. Jack's in a sombre mood as he celebrates Vera's birthday by pouring her a sherry. Becky phones Roy and Hayley to say goodbye. Roy correctly guesses she is at the coach station. Tyrone insists Molly apologise to Sally. She calls round with a bottle of wine and Sally accepts her apology. Molly tells Kevin she feels ashamed but he admits he's grateful she stuck up for him. Steve arrives at the coach station and spots Becky boarding a bus. She tells him she's leaving for his sake but he insists she will be breaking his heart. Claire feels terrible for her drunken behaviour at the Websters' house but tells Ashley she's banning sex with immediate effect. Steve brings Becky back and she is reunited with Roy and Hayley.


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