Molly's in a foul mood and Tyrone worries that she's angry with him for missing her race. Confiding in Kevin, Tyrone asks if she complained to him the previous day but Kevin guiltily reassures him otherwise. Despite his guilt, Kevin's unable to resist Molly and the pair decide to enter another run as future cover. Jack is feeling more and more in the way at No.9 as Molly and Tyrone bicker. He tells the newlyweds that he intends to move out. Tyrone's upset but Molly ruefully states that you can't prevent someone from doing what they want. After thanking Janice for helping save Joshua's life, Ashley decides that it's time he came clean with Claire about not having his vasectomy. Plucking up the courage, he tells her that he didn't go through with the operation. Claire's furious. Norris storms out of The Kabin when he and Rita row over his treatment of Ramsay. Visiting his mother's grave again, Norris is in a contemplative mood. Steve reminds the cab drivers to keep looking out for Slug, but Becky's losing hope and believe that he'll be long go by now - and even if they did find him, he wouldn't get her off the hook.


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