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Eileen and Gail row on the street as Jason is driven off in a police car. Tina's furious and tells Gail and Joe how David came round to the flat and threatened her. Ashley tells Claire how Roy has donated the weekend in Paris which he won as a prize for the charity fete. Claire's thrilled. Jesse's deeply concerned that John the parrot has taken an instant dislike to Eileen. He tells Eileen that John is usually a very good judge of character. Joe tells Gail he's got a part-time job in a hardware shop. Audrey's unimpressed but Gail's pleased he's making an effort. Claire lures Ashley home on a promise. Ashley takes Graeme home to avoid having to tell her about his cancelled vasectomy. Ramsay accompanies Emily to Ernest's grave. Ramsay talks about his childhood and it's clear that Emily's very smitten with him. Jason's released as there's no evidence against him. Tina apologises for disbelieving him and they make up. Ramsay and Emily invite Norris to join them for a game of Scrabble. Norris agrees thinking that Ramsay will be leaving for Australia soon. Gary's released from prison and makes it clear to David that he organised for him to be beaten up.


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Tina McIntyre (to Eileen Grimshaw): "If Jason gets in trouble for this I swear to God I'll take an axe to David. He should be the one locked up and they should throw away the key 'cause someone might find it. They should melt it down and pour it into his eyes."

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