Joe makes a surprise breakfast for Gail but she's unimpressed and tells him that she's not sure she wants to be with him any more. Joe's crestfallen. Steve and Becky distribute the photos of Slug amongst the taxi drivers. Tina, Jason and Joe set to doing up the flat. None of them notice when Tina's charm bracelet slips between the floorboards. David goes for a nosy in Tina's new flat on the pretext of helping Joe carry the floor-sander. Pam's annoyed to discover that Jesse hasn't paid Bill a bean for storing all his clobber at the Builder's Yard. Tyrone asks Molly why she hasn't been doing any running recently. Molly's evasive. Tina discovers her bracelet missing and assumes David nicked it when he was in the flat. She storms round to No.8 and confronts him. David protests his innocence but nobody believes him - including Gail. Deirdre moans to Betty that she's been made redundant from the council. Lloyd begs Liz to reconsider and tells her that he loves her but Liz is adamant it's over between them. Steve gets a call from Eddie to say he's spotted Slug going into a pub. Steve and Becky set off in haste. David forces his way into No.12 and corners Tina. Tina's unnerved to see him so angry.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tina jumps to conclusions about David when her charm bracelet goes missing and accuses him of stealing it; Gail tells Joe she is unsure they have a future; and Steve and Becky get a lead in their hunt for Slug.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,960,000 viewers (6th place).
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