Steve tries to defend Becky but in Liz's eyes Becky's guilty. Molly and Tyrone arrive back from their holiday in Tenerife. Kevin grabs Molly on her own and tells her it would be best if she pulled out of the fun run to avoid having to spend time together. Molly's hurt and suggests he pulls out instead. Jim and Andy persuade Liz to re-open the pub. Blanche and Norris gossip about Becky and her "drug dealing". Hayley's quick to defend Becky, convinced that she's innocent. Kevin suggests to Sally they should consider moving to Cheshire. Sally's thrilled whilst Kevin secretly just wants to get away from Molly. Ramsay announces he's moving back to Australia. Emily's disappointed whilst Norris is pleased. Ashley offers to help Claire organise the fete. Secretly he's hoping to get in her good books before he breaks the news that he never went through with the vasectomy. Steve confronts DC Hooch and offers him £2,000 to leave Becky alone. Hooch takes the money but laughs in Steve's face. Steve realises that he's been had.


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