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Gail wonders what's happened to the new packet of paracetamol she bought. Joe waits until she's gone then pulls them from his pocket and downs a couple. Fiz goes to visit John. She lies about her engagement ring saying she's dropped it into the jewellers to have the size altered. Chesney offers to clean Rosie's car for her, secretly hoping to look for the ring, but Rosie insists she cleans it herself. Michelle arrives home on a break from her tour. Becky and Hayley go shopping for a wedding dress but Becky takes offence at the snooty assistant in the bridal shop and they return empty-handed. Rosie finds Fiz's ring in her car. She gives it to Sally as a present pretending she bought it. Sally's thrilled and shows it off to the factory girls. Fiz recognises her ring. Jason has a meeting with his bank manager. He's thrilled when he gets the go-ahead for a mortgage. While Sally's distracted, Fiz takes her engagement ring from Sally's handbag. Joe begs the doctor for a painkiller prescription but he refuses saying he needs to make an appointment. Joe slams out of the medical centre. Gail's shocked. Sally discovers her ring is missing. Tony suggests they conduct a thorough search until they find it. Fiz is secretly panicking.


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  • TV Times synopsis: After once again resorting to stealing from Gail; Joe begs the doctor for more painkillers; and Sally immediately begins showing off when Rosie unwittingly gives her Fiz's engagement ring.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,180,000 viewers (2nd place).
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