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The car is out of control but Chesney finally manages to bring it to a halt. Joe retracts his offer to put in a free kitchen for Tina and Jason. Tina's annoyed. Anna helps Chesney wipe his fingerprints off Rosie's steering wheel and then takes him back to No.6. Chesney leaves the engagement ring in the car. Kevin finds Rosie's car undamaged at the bottom of Tile Street. He assumes it was taken by joyriders. Betty spots Becky offering £20 to Slug. Tony tries to talk Maria out of her trip to Ireland but her mind is made up. Joe lies to Tina and warns her off Jason saying he's still got the hots for Becky. Tina, worried by her dad's words, quizzes Jason about his feelings for Becky. Jason assures her Becky's history. Tina's pleased. Chesney wants to own up to the Websters about taking the car but Anna advises him to say nothing. Tina and Jason call round to see Joe. David listens from the stairs as Jason assures Joe that Becky's history and he and Tina are very much in love. David's gutted. David taunts Joe. He finally flips and lunges at David. Fiz asks Chesney if he knows anything about Rosie's car being stolen. Chesney guiltily denies all knowledge. David threatens to tell Gail about Joe's drug problem but Joe's had enough of David's blackmailing and tells him to go to hell.


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