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Gail tells David that Joe is off the painkillers. David feigns surprise. Becky meets up with Slug and buys him breakfast at the cafe. He tells her to watch her back and be careful. Becky's baffled. Audrey brings Helen to the salon, still trying to calm her fears about Tony but Natasha offers to share her own bad experiences of him. It's Chesney's birthday and he's slept in and missed his paper round. Fiz gives him some trainers as a present but he's unimpressed that they're the wrong size. Lloyd informs Steve about Becky's meeting with Slug. David helps Joe with his bonfire. He empties Joe's pills into his pocket and throws the empty bottle onto the fire. Joe cries out in alarm and David apologises, claiming he thought Joe wouldn't need them any more. Fiz asks Sian and Sophie to cheer up Chesney. They call round and invite him to go bowling. Audrey visits Maria and questions her about Tony's motives for caring for her. Maria's defensive and asks if there has to be a reason. Tony arrives and Audrey feels uncomfortable. Steve turns down a vacancy at the register office as it would be too short notice to arrange a wedding. He tackles Becky about Slug and she admits buying him breakfast. She forces Steve to call back and book the vacant slot for their nuptials. Joe asks Graeme if he can get him some more pills but Graeme refuses. David acts sympathetic and suggests Joe needs to stay on his medication for longer. Joe concedes but can't get any from the doctor. David offers to try to obtain some from a contact he met in the Young Offenders Institute as long as Gail is not told. Joe warily agrees.


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  • TV Times synopsis: David uses Joe's addiction to his own devious advantage while pretending to help; Becky fails to understand Slug's warning to watch her back; and Natasha spills the beans on Tony.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,390,000 viewers (2nd place).
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