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Ashley has spent a sleepless night in the hospital relatives' room. Lloyd visits to keep Ashley company. Ashley reveals that Claire's had a pulmonary embolism and had a miscarriage as a result. Deirdre is hopeful of a promotion within the council. Ken notices Peter's reluctance to attend his alcoholism meeting and offers to go with him. Peter reluctantly agrees. Maria bottle-feeds baby Liam. Helen disapproves of Ozzy sitting nearby and tells Maria so. Norris sits on a chair in The Kabin to ease his bunion. Emily and Ramsay persuade him to rest at home. Eileen brings Joshua to see Ashley in the hospital. Eileen regrets leaving unkind messages on Claire's mobile phone. The doctor tells Ashley that he can see Claire. Ashley thanks Eileen for taking his mind off things and she takes Joshua home. Deirdre reveals that the council is cutting jobs and she has to reapply for her position. Julie encourages Sean to pursue Leon. Ashley talks to an unconscious Claire but is alarmed when the monitors start beeping and he is asked to leave the room. Maria summons Tony to rescue her from Barry and Helen. He takes her and Liam for a drive. Ramsay calls to see Norris and brings him some trainers. Emily invites him to stay for coffee. Ashley is relieved when the doctor confirms that Claire is alive. Deirdre accuses Ken of being unsympathetic to her potential unemployment. She decides to accompany him to Peter's meeting and Blanche invites herself along. Sean meets Leon in the gym's jacuzzi. He pretends to cry and says that Jason has dumped him. Leon comforts him. Claire opens her eyes and Ashley tells her that she is in hospital and has lost the baby after a pulmonary embolism. He kisses her hand and fights back tears.


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