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As Sally makes preparations for her party, Kevin's mind is on Molly. A customer calls in the garage with a posh car and asks Kevin to fix it. Maria's tearful and wonders if she'll be able to cope alone with the baby. Tony offers to stay a bit longer and Maria's grateful.Graeme furtively delivers Joe's painkillers but tells him it's a one-off as he's trying to go straight these days. Molly calls in the garage to see Kevin. In a moment of madness, Kevin insists Molly climbs in the customer's posh car. Jason goes to see the bank manager about a mortgage but he's disappointed to find that he and Tina will need a 25% deposit. Kevin drives the customer's car to a secluded spot where he and Molly kiss. However they're shocked when a police officer knocks on the car window. David's distraught over losing Tina. Ted does his best to comfort him. Kevin returns to the garage to find the furious owner of the car there waiting for him. Pam gets Molly to phone Bill and set up the personal ad date with him so he won't know that it's actually Pam he's going to meet. Kevin calls in the corner shop. He drags Molly into the back room and kisses her. At Kevin's suggestion she agrees to a night in a country hotel with him.


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