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Molly's on pins as she waits for Kevin. Audrey, Fiz, Kirk and Natasha visit Maria in hospital and admire the baby. Tyrone arrives back early from the dogs. He's surprised to see Molly dressed sexily and a bottle of wine on the table. Molly pretends it was a surprise for him and quickly dispatches him to the corner shop. Kevin calls at No.9 to tell Molly that he can't make it as Sally's insisted they go out for dinner. In a panic, Molly hustles him into the house and pushes him out of the back door just as Tyrone returns home. Tyrone's none the wiser. Tina suggests to Jason they should buy a property together and do it up. Eddie proposes to Anna but she's heard it all before and tells him that she doesn't see the need to get married as she loves him anyway. Ramsay thanks Emily for such a lovely evening at the church social. It's clear Emily's smitten with Ramsay and Norris is very put out. Tyrone falls asleep in his armchair. Molly wishes she'd spent the evening with Kevin. Maria tells Tony that she's going to call the baby Liam. Tony kisses the baby's forehead inwardly sorry for killing his father.


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Notable dialogue

Kirk Sutherland (after bringing Maria Connor a helium balloon quoting 'It's a Girl!'): "I know it's a boy but... these were the only ones they had left. Well, a balloon's a balloon innit?"
Tony Gordon: "A balloon is indeed a balloon, Kirk. It's not for example, a shoe or a battleship or a hazelnut."
Kirk Sutherland: "Exactly!"

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