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Molly and Kevin pull apart and set off back to Coronation Street. Hayley's angry to discover Pam's now selling cakes and drinks too. Bill acts as mediator and suggests they work together. Pam and Hayley begrudgingly agree. Tony's furious with Janice when she loses one of their best customers. Rosie does a deal and buys 9% of Underworld from Luke for £25,000. Tony's unimpressed but agrees - on condition she takes her old job back as PA and Janice is demoted back to machinist. Tina joins Jason for a birthday drink. David, Darryl and Graeme watch from a distance. David's jealousy is evident and Jason feels uncomfortable. Tony's worried when he can't get hold of Maria. He tells her off in front of her friends for switching her phone off. Eileen reckons they're behaving like a married couple. Kirk arrives back from his first stint as Hia-Lowa and tells Eileen and Jason how the kids set light to his headdress and he had to jump in the pond. Jesse invites Eileen back to his parents' house as they're out for the night. Eileen's delighted. Molly and Kevin work on the accounts in the garage and agree that they both want more.


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