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Rosie's spent the night with Luke. Fiz excitedly tells Julie how she eventually got to see John. Molly spots Kevin outside the garage but he ignores her. Molly's hurt. Jason apologises to Tina for drunkenly coming on to her. Tina's amused and they agree to be mates. Becky's behaving mysteriously. Steve's worried she's going to meet Slug. Rosie stuns the factory girls when she tells them the only way she's returning to Underworld is as their boss. Sally's quietly smug. Jack tries to reassure Tyrone that Connie's nothing more than a friend. However, Tyrone's still convinced she's using Jack. Tony places his hand on Maria's belly and feels the baby kick. They smile tenderly at each other. Becky arrives back from a shopping trip with a birthday present for Steve. She's hurt when she finds out he thought she'd been to see Slug. Molly confronts Kevin and asks him why he's being so frosty towards her. Kevin admits he's obsessed with her and wants to sleep with her. Molly's shocked but secretly thrilled. She slaps Kevin across the face and tells him to stay away from her. Kevin's mortified at what he's done.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Kevin is forced to confess his feelings for Molly when she confronts him about his recent strange behaviour; Rosie lords it over the factory girls after spending the night with Luke; and Jack tries to convince Tyrone that Connie is just a friend.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,960,000 viewers (6th place).
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