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Molly's walking on air whilst Kevin's deflated realising his feelings aren't reciprocated. Slug explains to Becky how he's a changed person. She's pleased for him. Molly's dying to tell Tyrone all about the race but he's more interested in moaning about Jack and his friendship with Connie. Molly's put out. Tyrone spots the Spanish airline label on Jack's suitcase. Against Molly's advice, Tyrone opens the suitcase and finds some castanets and a sombrero. Rosie explains to Fiz how John wants her to have the money to say sorry for what he did. Tyrone confronts Jack and Connie. They admit they've been on holiday to Spain together. Tyrone's furious whilst Molly's disgusted with Tyrone's behaviour pointing out he's no right to interfere. Eileen drags Amy to see General Custard at the community centre. Although initially awkward, Eileen and Jesse swap mobile numbers. Luke chats up Rosie and suggests she invests her money in Underworld. Molly lays down the law to Tyrone telling him that she's invited Connie for tea on Monday and he'll be there and what's more he'll be polite. Kevin's busy trying to work out his feelings for Molly when he gets a text from her thanking him for such a lovely day. Fiz desperately tries to phone John but finds herself blocked at every turn.


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