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Rosie throws another sickie. Kevin and Sally point out that she'll lose her job if she's not careful but Rosie's unconcerned. Tony continues to look after Maria. He does the housework, takes her shopping and gives her a shoulder massage. Maria's grateful to him. Molly picks up the accounts from the garage and tells Kevin she'll meet him in the gym after work. Fiz tells Sally how Rosie claims she's been to visit John in prison. Sally, Kelly and Sean are disbelieving knowing how much Rosie hates John. Rosie gets a call from John's solicitor to say the £150,000 will be in her bank account tomorrow. She and Minnie go shopping by way of celebration. The factory girls celebrate Janice's birthday in the Rovers. At the gym, Molly detects an atmosphere between Kevin and Jason. Kevin admits he accused Jason of fancying her. Molly's amused. Eddie and Anna take a cake round to No.8 as a peace offering. Ted insists they put all the bad feeling behind them. Anna's grateful. Rosie arrives in the pub laden down with shopping bags. She shocks Sally and the factory girls when she tells them about the £150,000 from John. Luke offers Rosie's job to Janice as it's clear Rosie doesn't want it any more. Fiz phones the prison and is horrified to learn that John's on suicide watch.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Rosie shares details of her new-found wealth with the Rovers regulars, which leads to Fiz hearing some disturbing news; and Molly picks up on the atmosphere between Kevin and Jason when the trio meet up at the gym.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,960,000 viewers (3rd place).
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