Ida doesn't look forward to her forthcoming washing day on top of her normal housework. Frank offers to help and ends up with a list of things to do himself. Ida's worried over how Ken's interview in Surrey has gone but Frank doesn't think he'll get a good salary in the teaching profession. He also wants Ida to consider giving up work now the boys are working. Nancy has plans to call in on Albert, amusing Frank and Ida that she's got her eye on him. Albert puts a big order in at the shop in preparation for Val arriving tomorrow. Florrie is still worried about her financial situation. Linda is keen to escape No.9 as Ivan and Dennis are installing some draft excluders and making a meal of it. She refuses to take Elsie's order for her as they are still not talking. Dennis offers to change Paul's nappy when his nephew begins crying. Annie worries about a forthcoming visit from Mr Lloyd of the brewery. Swindley and Emily brave the Rovers to collect the jumble stored in the select and surprise Jack and Annie when they order a drink, albeit a bitter lemon each. Mr Lloyd turns up and gives the Walkers the chance to move into their new pub - the Royal Oak in Sharringley. Annie is delighted but Jack less so. A proud Dennis and Ivan fix Linda's sink but she's less than impressed with the seven pins she found in Paul's nappy. Linda refuses to back down about Elsie. In the Rovers, Annie sees how depressed Elsie is Walter and, guessing what's wrong, comforts her when she sees how down she is about not being invited to Paul's christening. Dennis is pleased to be Paul's godfather. Ken has returned from Surrey and tells Ida and Nancy about the interview, but he doesn't think he's been successful. Ida teases Albert that he's come courting her mother when he calls about the jumble sale. It's set for two weeks' time and Albert things it could be a success now. Mr Dixon calls to see Florrie. She's not being sent any more stock from the wholesalers until she settles her account.


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