David lies through his teeth denying he had anything to do with the burglary. Gail, Ted, Audrey and Joe are unconvinced. Maria takes Tony up on his offer and tells him that she'd like him to move in. The police question David about the burglary but he denies all knowledge. Fiz parcels up some books she's borrowed from Roy to send to John in prison. Sally's furious when she sees the parcel in Fiz's bag addressed to John. Whilst Fiz is distracted Sally grabs the parcel. Tina calls at No.8 wanting to know why the police were questioning David. Under pressure from his family, David finally cracks and admits he masterminded the burglary to get Gary into trouble. Gail, Audrey and Ted are appalled. Tina's disgusted with David and tells him she never wants to see him again. Fiz posts the parcel to John not realising that Sally's tampered with it. Molly and Kevin go running together. Kevin really enjoys her company. Maria tells Tony she feels safe knowing he's living in the house. Norris is upset to find Ramsay enjoying tea and cake with Emily and Rita. Fiz is horrified to discover Sally's torn the final chapters from each of the books she's posted to John. Sally accuses Fiz of siding with a pervert. David realises he's pushed his family too far and they want nothing more to do with him.


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