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Sally lunges at Fiz, furious that she's let John back into her life. Luke and Michelle sip cocktails in No.7's yard with their feet in the paddling pool. Rita cunningly dupes Norris into changing his mind about the quiz by pointing out that if he's not there Ramsay might win. Chesney tells Fiz she has to choose between him and John. Julie turns up at No.11 with the "Sound of Music" on DVD. Sean's delighted whilst Eileen's unimpressed. When Joe refuses to pay Gary double time for the bank holiday, Gary tells Joe he can stick his job. Ryan takes Sian back home hoping to get her upstairs. He's annoyed to find Michelle and Luke there. Sian's secretly relieved. Fiz visits John in prison and tells him about her row with the Websters. John's insistent they must end their relationship for her sake. The Rovers' pub quiz takes place. Norris and Ramsay finish up head to head in a tie-break. Norris wins and not thinking, he shakes Ramsay's hand. Luke takes Michelle back to his flat and kisses her. John tells Fiz she mustn't visit him again for her own good. Fiz is heartbroken but John insists it's for the best although deep down he too is distraught.


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