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Julie and Jason take Colin for a check-up at the hospital. Julie spots Fiz and asks her what she's doing at the hospital but Fiz is evasive and rushes off. Fiz asks the receptionist which ward John Stape is on but the receptionist is frosty with her saying she'll have to contact the prison. Ken and Deirdre continue to snipe at each other. Peter finds himself caught in the middle. Ramsay has a cup of tea at No.3 and tells Emily he was adopted and brought up in Australia and how he just wants to make up with Norris before he goes back. Paula is furious with Eileen for letting Colin move into No.11. She feels she's been betrayed. Eileen's upset. Jason buys a magazine for Colin to cheer him up. He explains to Tina how he feels sorry for his grandad. Tina's sympathetic. Tony signs for a cot which gets delivered at No.7. Ramsay calls in The Kabin. Norris refuses to speak to him and shocks Rita and Tina when he tells them how Ramsay killed their mother. Paula calls at No.11 and announces that she's reported Colin to the police for abusing her all those years ago. Eileen, Julie and Jason are stunned.


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Norris Cole: "Go on... Go on, get out. I'm sick of this lackadaisical attitude to paper-delivery."
Chesney Battersby-Brown: "What does 'lackadaisical' mean?"
Norris Cole: "Look in the mirror - you've got it written through you like rock."

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