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The crowd stares in amusement at the naked photo of Dev. He's confused but Tara puts him straight telling him it's payback for sleeping with Lisa behind her back. David shows Gary an iPod and a Wii and pretends they're stolen. Amber's appalled to find out Dev cheated on Tara. She asks Darryl if she can move in with him and Teresa. Umed takes Dev's side saying how he never trusted Tara. Luke flirts with Michelle which annoys Peter. Dev drags Tara back to his flat demanding an explanation. He's gutted to find that Amber has decorated the flat and left them a bottle of champagne to celebrate the engagement that never was. Even Tara is momentarily thrown. Eileen finds Paula shouting drunkenly through Julie's letterbox. Eileen takes her back to No.11 and they have a heart to heart. Mary cooks an international meal for Emily and Norris to get him in the mood for their world tour in the motorhome. Norris is uneasy. Dev tries to explain to Tara how he only slept with Lisa once after Tara had dumped him but Tara refuses to listen. They row and Tara slaps Dev round the face. Paula apologises to Julie and they make up. Paula tells Julie how it was Eileen who made her see sense. Julie thanks Eileen and they agree to be friends. Tara packs her things and leaves. Dev desperately tries to get hold of Amber but she's refusing to take his calls. Dev cries alone in his flat.


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Peter Barlow (with a thermometer in his mouth): "It's a funny looking thermometer, this."
Blanche Hunt: "It's rectal, but it's been through the dishwasher."

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